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Isotonic Drinks

MX3 Extrême energy drinks: hydration and energy during the race

Intense physical activity leads to heat production, that is eliminated by the body through the skin, mainly in the form of sweat. Transepidermal water loss may lead to dehydration. Dehydration can be responsible for performance reduction, and stop you from achieving your objectives (cramps, muscle injury, heat stroke...). MX3 energy drink brings vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential to a good hydration during exertion.

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You want to discover the MX3 energy products before buying a whole nutrition pack? You are wondering if they will fit you? This discovery pack is for you! Choose from our range of flavours and test our energy bars, gels and drinks during your training sessions!


MX3 energy drink brings maximum hydration to your body, andenergy to compensate losses due to physical effort.

  • Efforts <  3 hours
  • Optimal digestion
  • Fast and progressive action

If you adopted a healthy and clean food, no way you're going to make an exception when you're playing sports! MX3 organic energy drink is your best companion during effort to help maintain the best hydration and energy reserves. Its ingredients, from organic farming, have been rigorously selected by us.

  • Fast energy
  • Maximum rehydration
  • Brings vitamins and minerals

Flavour: mint

MX3 successful energy drink in a pod version to go everywhere with you!

  • Light and useful format
  • Perfect for hikers
  • Wide selection of flavours
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Longer is the effort, lower your energy reserves will drop. If the energetic intake is not high enough, you're risking mechanical failure. MX3 long distance enrgy drink supports athletes during long time efforts,

  • Efforts > 3 hours
  • Formula combining carbs, antioxidants and proteins
  • Progressive energy

Drinking MX3 antioxidant energy drink during an intense physical effort means offering your body hydation and energy, to compensate losses. 

  • Isotonic formula enriched in antioxidant vitamin C
  • Slight taste and no acidity
  • Fast and diffuse action