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MXGEL antioxidant U

You are often subjected to muscles disturbances while exercising, your muscles will hinder or prevent you to continue your efforts, the MXGel Antioxidant can both protect muscle contractions and provide energy throughout your test.
Flavors : Red Fruits, Orange Mango (New)

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Product Characteristics :

  • Rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamins and minerals
  • Help prevent muscle disturbances
  • Supports your muscles during exercise
  • Quick and diffuse energy
  • Closes by reversing the tip

+ product :

  • Antioxidant action
  • Liquid energy gel
  • Vitamins & minerals

Main profits :

Muscle disturbances are common in sports, MX3 Antioxidant gel helps prevent these muscle disturbances by delivering vitamins (including vitamin E) and minerals necessary for your body. Our gels are completely liquid which allows easy ingestion without a "dry mouth" effect unpleasant.

Its formula :

You are often subject to muscular disturbances while exercising, your muscles hinder you or prevent you continuing your exertion, MX3 Antioxidant MXGel gel allows both to guard muscle contractions and bring you energy throughout your event.

When to consume :

During exertion : In prevention before the exertion against the muscular disturbances that may occur during the race (a tube before departure) Supports muscle activity and provides energy during exercise (1-5 tubes in the effort) Helps recovery (a tube at the end of exercise) Antioxidant gel must be preserved from heat and humidity. Optimal period of use in its closed packaging: 20 month after the manufacturing date. This product is intended, considering a normal food, to answer needs of an immediate muscular effort made during a competition or in special conditions of environment.

Ingredients : 

Red Fruits: Glucose syrup, water, fructose , salt, acidity regulator: potassium citrate, lithotamnion , aroma, beet powder , beta carotene, zinc gluconate, vitamins E , B1 .

Orange / Mango: Glucose syrup, water, fructose , natural flavor and aroma , acidity regulator : magnesium citrate, citric acid , calcium phosphate , preservatives: potassium sorbate ; Vitamins E, C and B1.

Valeur Kcal298Kcal
Valeur Kj :1266Kj
Fat :-
Carbohydrates :74,50g
Of which sugars :50,50g
Proteins :-
Sodium :194mg
Vitamin B1 :1mg (75% des AJR)
Vitamin A :76mg (10% des AJR)
Vitamin E :7mg (70% des AJR)
Calcium :79mg (10% des AJR)
Potassium :83mg
Magnesium :7,60mg (3% des AJR)
Net Weight :25g