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MX3 Antioxidant Cycle PREMIUM Pack

A Pack composed of sports nutrition products to support you during your cycling race. Antioxidant energy products to fight against muscle disturbances and put you in the best conditions to finish your race.
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A cycling race requires rigorous training and also requires nutrition adapted to your body needs needs to deal with this effort. Therefore MX3 has developed an antioxidant cycle pack, to provide all the essential nutrients to your body with targeted muscle action by antioxidant range of sports nutrition products. Prepare your race with antioxidant maltodextrin and antioxidant energy cake. The day of the race, the pack supports you during exercise with a special long distance energy drink, gels and energy bars.
Everything you need for your race is in this package.


Antioxidant Maltodextrin MX3
Antioxidant energy cake MixCake (Breakfast of effort)
Long Distance energy drink MixDrink MX3 (Maximum hydration | During the race)
Energy gels MXGEL (Antioxidant | During the race)
Long Time Energy gels (LTE) (Progressive energy | During the race)
Fast Energy gel (Immediate action to give punch | During the race)
2 XXL gels (Gel 3 in 1, energy booster)
1 Fruity Énergy bar (Delicious fruity bar of effort)
2 Muesli Energy bars (Bar of effort with antioxidant action)
600ml MX3 Can
1 Mini bag ou 1 Mini Pump MX3


maltodextrine antioxydant MX3

Consume for 3 days before the race


Recharge of muscle glycogen stores with antioxidant action.

Gâteau énergétique MixCake MX3

Consume 1h 1h30 before the race


Provides optimum energy recharge and fight against cell oxidation during exercise.

fleche transition


Parcours Cyclo avec MX3

MixDrink Longue Distance MX3

Consume every 10 minutes


Hydrate your body and gives you vitamins, minerals, protein and BCAA.

Gel énergétique Antioxydant MX3

Parcours Marathon MX3 - DépartParcours Cyclo MX3 - Distance 60km


Its action contributes to normal muscle function, and protects cells against oxidative stress.

Gel énergétique Long Time MX3

Parcours Cyclo MX3 - Distance 30kmParcours Cyclo MX3 - Distance 80km

2 LONG TIME ENERGY GEL - Apple/Blackcurrant

His energy inputs allow to keep the pace and offers a progressive action.

Gel énergétique XXL MX3

Parcours Cyclo MX3 - Distance 100kmParcours Cyclo MX3 - Distance 120kmParcours Cyclo MX3 - Distance 135km

1 XXL GEL - Pomegranate/Guarana

His energy inputs give immediate action, take 1/3 of the gel to the passages indicated.

Barres énergétiques MX3

Parcours Cyclo MX3 - lightParcours Marathon MX3 - light

2 ENERGY BARS - 1 MUESLI ENERGY BARS (Cherry-Cranberries) & 1 FRUITY ENERGY (Apple-Banana)

His energy inputs help to keep pace.

MORE ENERGY : for more than 6 hours race

Gel Fast Energy MX3

1 FAST ENERGY GEL - Royal Jelly/Honey/Ginseng

Energy booster action gel.



Gel 3 in 1 antioxidant and energy booster.

Muesli Energy Bar MX3


Bar with high energy value.

Understand this pack :

Nutritional plan for high performance cycling event.

You go for a cycle race from 50 to 150 km distance, your body and your muscles are put to the test and it requires preparation and right nutrition. During exercise, you lose vital nutrients for proper muscle function, so you need energy products adapted to fill the losses due to the effort.

MX3 Antioxidant Cycle PREMIUM Pack is composed of sports nutrition products with a targeted muscle action, carefully selected for a cycling event. These products are with you before and during your effort to get you in the best conditions on the day of the race.

Nutritional plan for a cycling event

3 days before the race

A cycling event requires a significant effort ride for hours is a considerable muscular effort. Your body naturally need to be prepared, and require an appropriate diet. This pack included maltodextrin antioxidant beverage, which helps you create a stock of muscle glycogen and therefore prepare your muscles to the effort of a race, this beverage is rich in vitamin C, known for its antioxidant action.
Dilute the quantity of maltodextrin in 1.5L of water, drink by small sips throughout the day, and this for 3 days before the event.

1h30 before the effort

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is important to not neglect it. The energy cake Antioxidant MixCake is the ideal meal before the race, it gives you energy, through the necessary calories to face an effort, it also contains protein, fiber and vitamins C and E which helps fight against the formation of free radicals responsible of muscle pains. Its formula has been developed to provide an optimal digestion.
The MixCake energy cake is eaten until 1h30 before the effort because its digestibility is optimal, it allows you to optimize your sleep time, finish to wake up 4h before the race to take classical breakfast.

During exertion

You go for an average effort from 5h or more, physical exertion causes long-term loss of essential elements for the proper functioning of your muscles and your body, MX3 liquid energy gels bring you glucose, to keep your blood sugar at a normal level, always with the aim of not causing muscular disruption. We have after studies needs during exercise, developed a taking energy gels plan, to optimize your physical and muscular potential. The pack contains 3 types of gels with 3 targeted actions. Energy bars give you a solid diet to give your body energy and vitality.

The antioxidant liquid energy gel MXGel, acts preventing cramps thanks to its glucose, sodium and vitamin E intake, known in particular for its antioxidant action.
Take a liquid energy gel MXGel Antioxidant initially, and at the 60th km.

The liquid energy gel Long Time Energy acts as your muscle fuel, it offers a progressive and diffuse energy through slow uptake of glucose, fructose, maltodextrin for diffuse action and potassium that helps the muscle to keep pace effort and avoid cramps.
Take a liquid energy gel Long Time Energy at 30th  and 80th km.

XXL energy gel, brings you immediate action with having an antioxidant action, thanks to its richness in vitamins B1, B2, B6, Spirulina which provides protein, iron, minerals and trace elements. The gel contains the equivalent of 3 conventional gels, the stopper is easily closable by one hand.
It is advisable to take 1/3 of the gel to hard times and stay hydrated for better frost action.

The MX3 energy bars are solid food you need during a cycling race, in fact, it is important to not neglect the energy intake of a bar because it gives to your body energy and vitality. Fruity Energy Bar is fully amalgamated for optimal digestion and delivers you sugars for immediate action. The Muesli Energy Bar is a source of fiber and vitamins, the bar is amalgamated without pieces and provides a diffuse action.


600ml MX3 Can

1 600ml MX3 CAN


Sacoche MX3



Mini Pompe MX3