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Marathon Pack PREMIUM

The Marathon Pack is full of energy products for marathon practice.
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A marathon is prepared by a regular training but also a good diet. In a marathon, the organization will be requested up for a long time. Therefore MX3 offers his Marathon Pack to help give your best performance. MX3 Marathon Pack will accompany you during your preparation before the event, will help your efficiency during the race and will last you a better muscle recovery.


1 Maltodextrin MX3 (Training & Race)
1 Energy cake MixCake MX3(Energy cake | Training & Race)
1 Pre-Race Drink MixDepart MX3(Vitamin B6 against stress | Race)
3 Energy gels MXGEL Antioxidant (Antioxidant | Race)
3 Energy gels Long Time Energy (LTE) (Progressive energy diffuser | Race)
2 Energy gels Fast Energy Gels (Energy booster, gives punch | Race)
1 Recovery Drink MixDrinkRécup (Recovery drink | Race)
Running belt to carry bib & gels


maltodextrine MX3

3 days before running


Its action maximizes the energy rserves in carbohydrates.

Gâteau énergétique MixCake MX3

1h to 1h30 before running


Gives me an optimal energy refill.

MixDépart MX3

30min before start


It avoids the reactional hypoglycemia due to the stress before the race.

fleche transition


Parcours Marathon avec MX3 - prise de Gels énergétiques

Gel énergétique Antioxydant MX3

Parcours Marathon MX3 - DépartParcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 15kmParcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 25km


Its action contributes to a normal muscular function, and protects cells against the oxidative stress.

Gel énergétique Long Time MX3

Parcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 10kmParcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 20kmParcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 30km

3 GELS - LONG TIME ENERGY GEL - Apple/Blackcurrent

Its contributions of energy allow to keep the way.

Gel énergétique Fast Energy MX3

Parcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 35kmParcours Marathon MX3 - Distance 40km

2 GELS - FAST ENERGY GEL - Greene Apple

Booster of energy to end the running in the best conditions.

fleche transition


MixRécup MX3

30min after exertion


Its action helps to recover quickly after the competition.

Understand the pack :

Nutritional plan to a high-performance marathon.

Prepare a marathon requires a great workout, but a diet suited to heavy exertion. During a marathon, the organism has to answer a long-term effort. MX3 developed a marathon pack specifically to meet the needs of the athlete, before, during and after the marathon.

MX3 Marathon Premium Pack consists of energy products to prepare before exercise, namely a maltodextrin, an energy cake and a departure drink.

MX3 Marathon Premium Pack also supports you during exercise, thanks to the 3 types of energy gels each offering targeted action to compensate for the energy loss suffered by your body during exercise. Finally the marathon pack includes a recovery drink, to help your body and your muscles to recover better.

Nutritional plan for a Marathon

D – 3  (3 days before exertion)

A marathon requires significant muscular effort to answer this effort your muscles need to be prepared, so the MX3 Marathon Premium Pack includes a maltodextrin drink, maltodextrin used to be a carbohydrate charging, that is actively store glycogen in the muscles, once glycogen store will allow your body to endure a long and intense effort. Dilute the amount of maltodextrin in MX3 1.5L of water, drink small sips throughout the day, and this for 3 days before the event.

1h30 before exertion

Your last meal before exercise is crucial, it is not possible to go hungry for a marathon, energy cake MixCake MX3 is the perfect meal before race before an intense effort, composition provides an ideal calorie intake with protein fibers of calcium and magnesium, and very little fat. The MixCake has been specially designed to be highly digestible and cause no intestinal type of disorder. The MixCake energy cake is eaten until 1h30 before the effort because its digestibility is optimal, so it allows you to optimize your sleep time. Ends breakfasts 4 hours before exercise.

30mn before exertion

The race approach, the noise, the world and the event, all of these can cause a voluntary or involuntary stress response will damage your body and lead to reactive hypoglycemia due to stress, that is to say a glycemic index (rate sugar) abnormally low which can cause muscle pain and contractions repeatedly. MixDépart, pre-race drink that prevents hypoglycemia bringing you magnesium, fructose and glucose, 3 ingredients that regulate blood sugar levels in your body.
Drink your drink before MixDépart race 30 minutes before the race in small sips for optimal absorption and maximum hydration.

During exertion

You go for an effort from 2h15 to 5h, physical exertion causes long-term loss of essential elements for the proper functioning of your muscles and your body, liquid energy gels MX3 you bring glucose to keep your blood sugar to a normal level, always with the aim of not causing muscular disruption. We have after school needs during exercise, taking energy gels a plan to optimize your physical and muscular potential. The marathon pack contains 3 types of gels 3 targeted actions.

The antioxidant liquid energy gel MXGel, acts by preventing cramping his glucose intake, sodium and vitamin E especially known for its antioxidant action. Take a MXGel Antioxidant gel at start, one at km15 and one at km25.

The liquid energy gel Long Time Energy acts as your muscle fuel, it offers a progressive energy and diffuse through slow uptake of glucose, fructose, maltodextrin for diffuse action and potassium that helps the muscle to keep pace effort and avoid cramps. Take a Long Time Energy gel 10, 20 and 30th km.

End of the race, muscle fatigue is felt, the wall approach, your body suffers energy losses, Fast Energy energy gel provides immediate action and acts as a booster to overcome the difficult times and finish the marathon in best conditions. Take a Fast Energy gel 35 and 40th km.

After exertion

Once your race is over, remember to stay hydrated to maximize your recovery after a marathon, your body and your muscles have suffered injuries and various micro trauma to the intensity of the effort appeared in your muscles for this we have added to our Premium Pack Marathon MX3, the ideal recovery drink to refresh your deep muscles and rehydrate for optimal recovery, protein and it contains BCAA accelerate muscle recovery, coupled with prolonged stretching session, your body will make you suffer less in the following days.

Drink MixDrink Recup up 30 minutes after exercise, by small sips for optimal recovery.