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PREMIUM Pack Trail MX3 (40 to 80k)

MX3 Long Distance Trail Premium Pack is the most complete pack of nutrition products for your trail, it contains energy products to support you before, during and after your trail.

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A long distance trail requires adequate physical training, to better prepare the body to the effort and be ready on the day of the race, but that is not enough, nutrition is important to be in good condition before the race and deal to the effort during the race.

MX3 has created a trail nutrition pack that brings you what you need before and the day of the race.
Your body needs inputs adapted so that it can respond to this effort you ask him, you will find pre-race nutrition with maltodextrin, to create a stock of muscle glycogen (it represents your fuel) a energy cake (important carbohydrate intake during exercise) and a waiting drink to avoid hypoglycemia and gives you optimal hydration.
During exercise, the energy drink gives you vitamin and minerals, as energy gels and energy bars. A trail also requires a meal to recharge your index carbohydrate to fuel your body for it, MX3 created the MixLong, liquid meal of the effort that ensures optimal digestion and provides the same inputs than a meal, it allows you eating without stopping.
Finally recovery is an essential post race aspect, MixDrink Retrieve provides protein and carbohydrates to help your body and your muscles recover faster.


1 MX3 Maltodextrin (before exertion)
1 MixCake Energy Cake  (breakfast for exertion)
1 MixDepart pre-exertion drink (hydration before exertion)
3 Mixdrink energy drink (Hydration during exertion)
2 MixLong liquid meal (carbohydrates recharge & meal for exertion)
7 MX3 energy geals (energy during exertion)
6 MX3 energy bars (energy and vitality 
1 MixDrink Recup recovery drink (muscle recovery)
2 800ml cans


MAltodextrine MX3

1.5L a day, 3 days before the event


Created muscle stock of glycogen to prepare the effort.

Gateau énergétique MixCake

1/4, see half of the cake at breakfast according exercise duration


Optimal carbohydrate intake before exercise with a perfect digestion.

Boisse d'avant course MixDépart

Drink 500ml by small sips till 30mn before departure 


Fructose intake and optimal hydration before exercise.

Boisson énergétique dosettes MixDrink

Drink small sip regularly during exercise 


Aport in vitamins, minerals and optimal hydration.

Repas liquide MixLong

Drink small sip in addition to MixDrink


Liquid meal brings carbohydrate and it's very digestible.

gels énergétiques MX3

take a gel at the time specified in the description of the pack(on right)


Energy intake, glucose, vitamin and minerals during exercise. Antioxidant - Red Fruits, Long Time Energy - Apple/ Blackcurrent and Fast Energy - Greene Apple.

barres énergétiques MX3

Take a bar by small quantity and chew well


Energy and vitality intakes to the body during exercise.

Boisson de récupération MixDrink Récup

Drink by little sips untill 30mn after exertion


It brings protein for optimal muscle recovery.

Understand this pack :

A race in nature needs a suitable trail nutrition, the intensity and length of the effort take off energy of your organism, MX3 has developed a package specifically designed for the trail, it is composed of sports nutrition products to help your body and your muscles to answer the effort required.
MX3 Long Distance Trail Premium Pack brings the entire sports nutrition you need before exercise with maltodextrin, energy cake and drink before the race.
It contains products to support you while effort with gels and energy bars and a liquid meal.
Finally, a post-exercise recovery drink, to help your body and your muscles to recover better. 

what use is of each product ?


Maltodextrin is the ideal drink before running, consume for 3 days before the race, it helps saturate reserves of muscular glycogen to prepare for the effort, important phase, as have a good glycogen recharge prevents the body dip into nature reserves and thus prevent premature fatigue.
Mix 150g of maltodextrin 1.5L of water, drink throughout the day in small sips and for 3 days before the event.


The energy cake MixCake is the perfect breakfast before exercise because it provides carbohydrates to the effort with optimal digestion, carbohydrates are in fact the most important source of energy used by the body and especially during physical activity. The MixCake be eaten until 1:30 before exercise, its formulation has been designed to be highly digestible, ends grandchildren lunched 3 or 4 hours before exercise, with MixCake, you optimize your sleep time, indispensable for good prepare a race.


MixDepart is the pre-race drink which helps maintain normal glycemic index and avoid dehydration, stress, noise and trampling before the race can be a source of energy, a starting drink helps regulate glucose and offers optimal hydration.
Drink your drink waiting between 1h and 30 mn before departure, in small sips for optimum assimilation.


MixDrink energy drink effort, consuming it, is first of all, avoid dehydration responsible of muscle disturbances and most dropouts.
Drinking MixDrink provides vitamins and minerals important for the proper functioning of the body, to counter the loss of essential nutrients during exercise.
MixDrink + Maltodextrin: prevents hypoglycemia and complete depletion of stock of glycogen.
Drink regularly every 5/10 minutes for proper hydration throughout your event.


MixLong is the indispensable ally of your organism, to support long-term efforts or face big energy needs, its liquid form makes it very digestible MixLong can conveniently replace solid food.
During intense and prolonged efforts, carbohydrates are the main source of energy disponnible quickly.
Pour contents of the sachet into a container 800ml add water and shake and get a homogeneous mixture.


Energy gels also allow you to compensate for the loss in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, the gels are also a source of energy, with the glucose they contain, there are 3 types of gels, an antioxidant that acts by preventing cramps, Long Time energy, which provides progressive diffuse energy and finally a fast energy to make sugars rapid assimilation and acts boost to counter the difficult passages.
-1 Antioxidant at start and then every 2 hours
-1 Long time energy after 1 hour of racing, then every 2 hours
-1 Fast energy during difficult passages


Energy bars provide solid food to the body and prevent digestive disorders, it is important not to overlook the solid during the race, the bars provide energy, vitality and avoid feeling hungry, uncomfortable during exercise.


MixDrink Recup is the essential recovery drink post effort, she brings protein to repair muscle fibers damaged by the effort, it contains carbohydrates to refill your muscle glycogen well emptied during your trail.
Drink the recovery drink untill 30mn after exercise, by small sips.