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Nutrition for endurance

MX3 Extrême: sports nutrition for endurance athletes

MX3 Extrême range was designed to support endurance athletes: runners, riders, triathletes, trailers... Created 10 years ago, it was tested and validated by many athletes, amateur and professional, that we support daily.

Training, will and... energy products!

All athletes share the same goal, no matter their level, they aim at progressing and achieving always more challenging objectives. A suitable sports nutrition allow athletes to:

  • preparing their bodies before physicial effort (maltodextrin, warm up drink...),

  • maintaining optimal hydration and energy during physical activity (energy drinks, bars and gels...),

  • encouraging recovery after exertion (recovery drinks and supplements).

Are you ready to level up?

 MX3 XXL energy gel contains the equivalent of 3 standard energy gels. With its 80 mg caféin, the XXL gel is perfect to provide fast energy.

  • Fit for hard times or at the end of the race.
  • Formula enriched in spirulina
  • You can open and close it with only one hand
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The 25 g of amand energy bar brings energy and vitality to your body. With its high nutritional value, the amand energy bar takes away the feeling of hunger during physical effort and is source of energy. 

  • 100% amalgamated
  • Progressive action
  • Perfect effort snack

Flavour: amand-mango-pineapple

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Discover the subtil mix between muesli and cranberries! Muesli energy bar and its tart taste brings energy reload and antioxidants. Solid but 100% amalgamated, MX3 muesli energy bar is easy to eat and digest during a sports race.

  • Nigh nutritional value
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Source of glucides, lipides et proteins
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€66.35 €94.79

Muscular pain is well-known by athletes, antioxidant energy gel helps preventing muscular pain providing vitamins (vitamin E) and minerals

  • Easy intake and no dry mouth side effect
  • Easy to open and close
  • Fast and diffuse energy
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€66.35 €94.79

You're in the middle of a race? You managed to keep a rapid pace, but the finish line now seems further than ever? Your body needs a fast enery gel!

  • Helps prevent drowsiness
  • Fast-acting
  • Open and close easily

175 mg of royal jelly in the honey-ginseng gel!

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€66.26 €131.47

New MX3 Antioxidant Long Distance Trail Pack  is the complete package with trail nutrition targeted muscle action with MX3 new range "Antioxidant".

Enjoy 49% off on this pack.

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MX3 Long Distance Trail Premium Pack, it's the full pack with sports nutrition products specially selected for triathlon, who support you before, during and after effort.

Enjoy 48% off on this pack !

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€57.63 €72.04

Natural sharp fruit flavour in an energy bar that combines fast and progressive energy, to support you during stamina efforts. Suitable for all kinds of sports.

  • High nutritive value
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Optimal digestion
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€56.78 €103.08

MX3 Long Distance Trail Premium Pack is the most complete pack of nutrition products for your trail, it contains energy products to support you before, during and after your trail.

Real value: 108.75€

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€43.51 €84.17

A Pack composed of sports nutrition products to support you during your cycling race. Antioxidant energy products to fight against muscle disturbances and put you in the best conditions to finish your race.

Enjoy 52% off on this pack !

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€40.66 €64.93

Mountain bike MX3 Premium Pack, all sports nutrition products you need for your mountain bike races !

40% off on this pack !

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€37.82 €81.47

A Cycling nutrition Pack specially designed to provide all the energy required during your journey.

Save € 46.65 on the complete package or - 50%!

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