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Nutrition for endurance

MX3 Extrême: sports nutrition for endurance athletes

MX3 Extrême range was designed to support endurance athletes: runners, riders, triathletes, trailers... Created 10 years ago, it was tested and validated by many athletes, amateur and professional, that we support daily.

Training, will and... energy products!

All athletes share the same goal, no matter their level, they aim at progressing and achieving always more challenging objectives. A suitable sports nutrition allow athletes to:

  • preparing their bodies before physicial effort (maltodextrin, warm up drink...),

  • maintaining optimal hydration and energy during physical activity (energy drinks, bars and gels...),

  • encouraging recovery after exertion (recovery drinks and supplements).

Are you ready to level up?

During intense and repetitive efforts, muscles suffer micro lesions. This leads to loss of muscular strength. MX3 high protein recovery supplement is a must for recovery after a sports competition. Rich in proteins, it helps maintain muscle tone. It offers a faster muscle regeneration, allowing to recover properly before your next competition or training.

  • Formula enriched in carbs to help energy reloading
  • Very digest
  • Neutral flavour
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If you adopted a healthy and clean food, no way you're going to make an exception when you're playing sports! MX3 organic energy drink is your best companion during effort to help maintain the best hydration and energy reserves. Its ingredients, from organic farming, have been rigorously selected by us.

  • Fast energy
  • Maximum rehydration
  • Brings vitamins and minerals

Flavour: mint

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Mountain bike MX3 Premium Pack, all sports nutrition products you need for your mountain bike races !

40% off on this pack !

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MX3 Long Distance Trail Premium Pack is the most complete pack of nutrition products for your trail, it contains energy products to support you before, during and after your trail.

Real value: 108.75€

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The organic sports cakeis a breakfast classic before effort for athletes who care to have a healthy diet. It is made from ingredients from organic farming: wheat, cane sugar, chocolate... and brings complex carbs reload.

  • Optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients (can be eaten up to 1h before the effort)
  • Brings to your body: carbs, proteins and vitamins
  • Made in France
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Having the right carbohydrate reserves is important before a race. Start Energy Drink brings magnesium and fructose, that help regulate glycaemia and provides progressive energy. Then, risk of stress related hypoglycaemia is avoided.

  • Source of maltodextrin
  • Light taste, not much sweetness
  • Easy to digest

1 bottle = 1 single dose

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Maltodextrin is the sports nutrition must when you're preparing an event. It helps maximize glycogen before your big day. Our organic maltodextrin was especially made for athletes who care about having a clean diet and therefore a clean sports nutrition! 

  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • Made in France
  • Easily assimilable

Neutral flavour

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Liquid enery meal is the perfect companion to support long time efforts, or face high energetic needs in difficult weather conditions. It is a substitute for solid food, for a better digestion during the competition. 

  • Supports long time efforts
  • Highly nutritive
  • Very digest
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Bottle 600 ml capacity with original design and bright colors.

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The Half Marathon Pack has the necessary energy products to run your half marathon in the best conditions.

Save € 16.95 on the complete package or 45% off !

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Longer is the effort, lower your energy reserves will drop. If the energetic intake is not high enough, you're risking mechanical failure. MX3 long distance enrgy drink supports athletes during long time efforts,

  • Efforts > 3 hours
  • Formula combining carbs, antioxidants and proteins
  • Progressive energy
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Drinking MX3 antioxidant energy drink during an intense physical effort means offering your body hydation and energy, to compensate losses. 

  • Isotonic formula enriched in antioxidant vitamin C
  • Slight taste and no acidity
  • Fast and diffuse action
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