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Muscle Nutrition MX3 Force & Fit - Products 100% French.

Fitness supplements

MX3 Force&Fit: sports nutrition designed for fitness athletes

Bodybuilding and fitness are distinct disciplines with universes of thein own.When it comes to nutrition, energy and recovery needs are different from other sports. That's why we launched MX3 Force&Fit, the last born of MX3 family.

French qualité proteins and supplements

Most of our fitness produts are made in France from rigorously selected ingredients in order to allow you to progress safely.

Training and suitable nutrition: the winning duo

For bodybuilding, fitness or cross-fit athletes, nutrition is essential. It brings to your body and muscles the essential elements for a safe training and good recovery. Nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving your goals: gaining well-drawn and lean muscles.

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Thanks to a rigorous selection of proteins, TERRIBLE PURE WHEY MX3 is the product that helps to maintain and effectively increase the intake of dry mass.

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You're working hard to get an athletic but natural shape? Leslie Pantigny selected for you supplements to help you get a bikini figure!

  • Supplements selected by Leslie Pantigny, bikini athlete.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Made in France or Europe.
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€68.90 €81.10

You're starting or resuming fitness after a break? You need to lose weight or fat mass? MX3 Force&Fit weight loss bundle will help you achieve your goals and feel good about yourself.

  • Combination of supplements to burn fat mass and offer you more comfort during training. 
  • Made in France or Europe.
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As distinct disciplines, martial arts need a specific training and diet. Do you practise boxing or other martial arts? MX3 Force&Fit made for you this martial arts bundle

  • Explosive strength and body preservation.
  • Pick up your favourite whey flavour.
  • Made in France.
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€69.90 €83.10

You're new to fitness and are lost facing the wide offer of wheys and supplements? What do you really need? The beginners bundle gathers the essential products to start fitness and have a steady progression.

  • Produits especially selected for beginners.
  • Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry : pick up your favourite flavour!
  • Made in France.
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You struggle gaining weight despite a suitable diet and it holds you back? Don't wait any longer, start your muscle mass nutrition programm with MX3!

  • A gainer combined to supplements for a better result.

  • Great value!

  • Made in France.

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You want to gain a few pounds of lean muscle but fear to develop fat mass? This bundle, made to work on quality lean muscle is made for you!

  • Combination of 4 supplements for lean muscle gaining.

  • Whey flavour of your choice!

  • Made in France.

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Toxins accumulated by the body may slow down metabolism and stop you in your objectives. It is important to detox your body a few times a year, especially if you want to loose fat.

  • Graduated cap

  • 25 days treatment

  • Made in France

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To gain lean muscles, fat and water loss are your number 1 goal! High fat burner associates carefully selected plant extracts, combining lipid degradation and renal elimination (guarana and green tea).

  • Extreme fat burner

  • 30 days treatment

  • Made in France

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When you are working out, repetitive movement and heavy weights really put your joints to the test. This may lead to discomfort or even pain during your training.

  • Combination of glucosamine and chondroitine for an improved action

  • 15 days treatment

  • Made in France

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Intense physical activity may lead to an iron deficiency, synonym of fatigue, anemia and lack of motivation. Trainings then appears painful and you get lower performance. 

  • 14mg iron per pill

  • 60 days treatment

  • Made in France

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MX3 Force&Fit Fat Burner is a powerful fat burner that associates guarana and green tea, rich in cafein, to other active ingredients that we carefully selected. This fat burner was specially formulated for a better result and a better comfort during fat loss.

  • Best price!

  • 30 days treatment.

  • Made in France.

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