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Organic sports nutrition

MX3 Extrême bio: sports nutritions basics in organic version

Eating only organic food? Organic energy drink, organic sport cake and organic maltodextrin, MX3 Extrême core products are also available in organic version, made in our french factory from ingredients from organic farming.

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If you adopted a healthy and clean food, no way you're going to make an exception when you're playing sports! MX3 organic energy drink is your best companion during effort to help maintain the best hydration and energy reserves. Its ingredients, from organic farming, have been rigorously selected by us.

  • Fast energy
  • Maximum rehydration
  • Brings vitamins and minerals

Flavour: mint

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The organic sports cakeis a breakfast classic before effort for athletes who care to have a healthy diet. It is made from ingredients from organic farming: wheat, cane sugar, chocolate... and brings complex carbs reload.

  • Optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients (can be eaten up to 1h before the effort)
  • Brings to your body: carbs, proteins and vitamins
  • Made in France
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Maltodextrin is the sports nutrition must when you're preparing an event. It helps maximize glycogen before your big day. Our organic maltodextrin was especially made for athletes who care about having a clean diet and therefore a clean sports nutrition! 

  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • Made in France
  • Easily assimilable

Neutral flavour

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