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Sport cakes

MX3 Extrême sport cakes: preparing your body for physical exertion

Forget about those 5 am wake-ups to have time to eat breakfast and digest. Sport energy cakes can be eaten up to 1h30 before physical effort and brings everything your body need before intense physical activity :

  • carbohydrates, qui, that turned into glycogen, constitute your muscle energy,

  • proteins to preserve muscle fibers,

  • vitamins (B1, B2 and B6) that help your body producing energy.

But above all, they're delicious

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No need to get 4 hours before the event to give time to your body to digest breakfast. MX3 Sports Eneergy Cake brings complex carbs that will help optimize your energy reserve right before the start and realease progressive energy throughout the race.

  • Easy, quick to prepare and tasty!
  • Can be eaten up to 1h before the start
  • 1 box = 4 energy breakfasts
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Breakfast is often the last meal you have before an intense sport effort. The antioxydant sports cake is the perfect last meal, it brings carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals: everything your body and muscles need to be ready to face an intense physical effort.

  • The only antioxydant sports cake!
  • Composition enriched in vitamins C and E
  • Source of complex carbs
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