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Warm up drink

The last minutes before the start of a race are the moment when tension is rising and you start feeling the effects of stress. It is well-known that stress is one of athletes worst ennemies: it can lead to premature fatigue, or even hypoglycemia (glycemia peak leading to blood sugar levels drop).
Warm-up drink also provides vitamins and minerals. It is crucial, during the race, to keep providing the essential nutrients to your body to compensate losses.

€3.32 €1.99
€1.99 €3.32

Having the right carbohydrate reserves is important before a race. Start Energy Drink brings magnesium and fructose, that help regulate glycaemia and provides progressive energy. Then, risk of stress related hypoglycaemia is avoided.

  • Source of maltodextrin
  • Light taste, not much sweetness
  • Easy to digest

1 bottle = 1 single dose

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