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For Running

Complete packs adapted to Marathons and Half Marathons

A marathon or half-marathon are deadlines that you don't want to miss! We take enough time to train, to pay attention to our recovery so that we are not in full possession of our means on the D-day! For that, food is a key factor for the good functioning of our body and to maintain good sensations throughout these 21km or 42Km. MX3 Nutrition has therefore created 3 nutrition packs to meet the needs of each runner. Indeed, each runner has specific needs that will be met with the use of one of our nutrition packs.

Composed of products easy to ingest and having a perfect digestibility, we propose you 1 pack intended for semi-marathons as well as two intended for marathons. Our packs accompanying you before, during and after the event are the most complete and will allow you to get the best out of yourself throughout the event.

All you have to do is choose the product best suited to the distance you want to run!

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