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For Cyclism

Complete cycling/mountain bike packages with a selection of energy-efficient products

Cycling is a high-demand sport and requires particular attention to nutrition. That's why MX3 Nutrition has created 3 packs (Mountain Bike, Cycling and Antioxidant) in order to specifically address each practice in a consistent way.

MX3 Nutrition has included an isotonic drink in these packs, to guarantee a good supply of minerals, fast sugars and to compensate for hydromineral losses due to perspiration. To concentrate your efforts throughout your outing, we offer in these 3 packs energy gels easy to assimilate and to place in a pocket during the effort. In order to guarantee you a solid supply for refueling, MX3 Nutrition offers you different energy bars. We offer products optimized for the practice of endurance sports thanks to their ease of use and digestibility.

These packs have been studied with the needs before, during and after the effort in mind!

€40.66 €64.93

Mountain bike MX3 Premium Pack, all sports nutrition products you need for your mountain bike races !

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€37.82 €81.47

A Cycling nutrition Pack specially designed to provide all the energy required during your journey.

Save € 46.65 on the complete package or - 50%!

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€43.51 €84.17

A Pack composed of sports nutrition products to support you during your cycling race. Antioxidant energy products to fight against muscle disturbances and put you in the best conditions to finish your race.

Enjoy 52% off on this pack !

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