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The complete pack with sports nutrition products is specially selected for triathlon

Triathlon is one of the most complete sports there is. Indeed, depending on the length chosen (from XS to XXL) the needs are different depending on the practice. MX3 nutrition has thought of everything, for you! As for your training, we have focused our pack on the three disciples and the specificities of each one.

Indeed, the presence of gels, bars as well as drinks and liquid meals allows us to accompany you throughout your effort! However, this requires a preparation beforehand so that you will not miss anything when the start is given. The pack also includes a maltodextrin, an antioxidant energy cake as well as a pre-race drink to allow you to start on a good basis! Finally, recovery is often neglected but is very important in order to be able to repeat these types of efforts over time.

That's why we have placed a recovery drink so that you can replenish your energy!

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