Chocolate Muesli

The benefits of freeze-dried mueslis for athletes

MX3 Nutrition's freeze-dried chocolate mueslis are the ideal solution for sportsmen and women looking for a balanced and energising breakfast before a day of outdoor activities. Made from quality ingredients, these mueslis are easy to prepare and light to carry in your backpack. Moreover, thanks to the freeze-drying technology, the nutrients and flavours are preserved to guarantee a healthy and tasty breakfast.

Organic selection for a healthy and environmentally friendly diet

MX3 Nutrition is committed to offering a selection of freeze-dried chocolate mueslis from organic farming to meet the needs of the most demanding sportsmen and women in terms of healthy and environmentally friendly food. Indeed, the organic ingredients are grown without chemicals or GMOs, thus preserving the quality of the food and supporting local agriculture.

High energy freeze-dried mueslis for optimal performance

MX3 Nutrition's freeze-dried chocolate mueslis are rich in essential nutrients to provide athletes with the energy they need to perform. The ingredients, selected for their high carbohydrate, protein and fibre content, help to maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day and reduce muscle fatigue. In addition, the presence of chocolate, a natural source of antioxidants, helps to fight against oxidative stress induced by physical effort.

Our tasty chocolate muesli in its organic version!

  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • Made in France
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Our chocolate muesli is an adventurer's favourite breakfast. The perfect combination of cereal and chocolate in a bag.

- Energising breakfast

- Made in France

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