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Fitness bundles

Your nutrition needs depend on your level of exeperience and on your goals. Beginner, weight gain, lean muscle... you'll find the bundle you need to reach your goal!

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€96.02 €84.42
€72.50 €82.65

You struggle gaining weight despite a suitable diet and it holds you back? Don't wait any longer, start your muscle mass nutrition programm with MX3!

  • A gainer combined to supplements for a better result.

  • Great value!

  • Made in France.

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€84.42 €96.02

You want to gain a few pounds of lean muscle but fear to develop fat mass? This bundle, made to work on quality lean muscle is made for you!

  • Combination of 4 supplements for lean muscle gaining.

  • Whey flavour of your choice!

  • Made in France.

In Stock