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Hydraion and energy in a stick! No need to measure powder anymore: 1 stick = 1 bottle. MX3 isotonic drink stick is the perfect partner for all your outdoor activities.

  • Pocket size
  • Tart and refreshing flavours
  • Made in France
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 MX3 XXL energy gel contains the equivalent of 3 standard energy gels. With its 80 mg caféin, the XXL gel is perfect to provide fast energy.

  • Fit for hard times or at the end of the race.
  • Formula enriched in spirulina
  • You can open and close it with only one hand
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Muscular pain is well-known by athletes, antioxidant energy gel helps preventing muscular pain providing vitamins (vitamin E) and minerals

  • Easy intake and no dry mouth side effect
  • Easy to open and close
  • Fast and diffuse energy
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