1 Month Rations

MX3 Nutrition 1 month survival ration

If you are looking for a food solution to survive in extreme conditions for a long period of time, the MX3 Nutrition 1 month survival ration is the perfect solution. This ration is designed to provide all the necessary nutrients to keep you energised for 30 days with a variety of dishes such as soups, starters, main courses and snacks.

The 1 month survival ration, a reliable source of nutrition for self-sufficiency

Whether you are on an outdoor expedition, hiking or in an emergency situation, the MX3 Nutrition 1 month survival ration will help you maintain your energy levels while remaining self-sufficient in terms of nutrition. This ration has been specially designed for people with active lifestyles who need a reliable source of nutrition.

1 month freeze-dried ration, premium version

We also have a premium version of our 1 month freeze dried rations, which provide extra calories with more dishes to keep your energy up during the expedition. This premium option is ideal if you need an extra source of energy to face the challenges of the wilderness.

Easy to carry and prepare survival ration

The MX3 Nutrition 1 month survival ration is compact and easy to carry, making it a convenient solution for adventurers. The freeze-dried meals are also easy to prepare: just add hot water and you have a hot, nutritious meal in minutes. As well as being a reliable source of nutrition for adventurers, the MX3 Nutrition 1 month survival ration is also an economical and environmentally friendly solution. It allows you to carry the amount of food you need to survive for a long period of time, so you don't have to buy food on the move.

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The 1 month survival ration MX3 Nutrition helps to satisfy the nutritional needs of a person in an emergency or survival situation and avoids any dietary deficiencies.  



2 x Pasta Bolognese 529 Kcal

2 x Chicken Paella 635 Kcal

2 x Chicken Couscous 620 Kcal

2 x Goulash 606 Kcal

2 x French Aligot 580 Kcal

2 x French Tartiflette 617 Kcal

2 x Chichen Colombo 636 Kcal

2 x Chicken Risotto 602 Kcal

2 x Lentils Dahl with vegetables and marrow seeds 540 Kcal

2 x Quinoa duo and baby Einkorn 525 Kcal

2 x Fish and rice with tomatoes 609 Kcal

2 x Mashed potatoes with chicken 405 Kcal 

2 x Chili con carne 455 Kcal

2 x Pasta and beef with curry sauce 523 Kcal

2 x Indian tabbouleh 632 Kcal

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