Rations 15 days

Freeze-dried 15 day ration: the ultimate solution for your outdoor expeditions

When you go on an outdoor expedition, food is crucial to your survival. That's why we've developed a range of freeze-dried 15-day survival rations, specially designed to provide you with complete and nutritious nutrition in extreme conditions.

15 day freeze dried rations designed for survival in hostile environments

Our freeze-dried 15-day rations are suitable for life in the outdoors, and preparation is quick and easy. With their compact and lightweight format, you can easily take them with you on your outdoor expeditions. And when you're faced with an emergency situation, you know you have a nutritious and complete meal at hand.

Freeze-dried 15 day ration, premium version

We also have a premium version of our 15-day freeze-dried rations, which provide extra calories with more dishes to keep your energy up during the expedition. This premium option is ideal if you need an extra source of energy to cope with the challenges of the wild.

Survive and thrive in a hostile environment with the 15 day survival ration

With our freeze-dried 15-day survival rations, you can survive and thrive in extreme conditions. Thanks to their high protein and essential nutrient content, you can stay fit and energised during the toughest outdoor expeditions. If you're looking for a reliable and convenient survival solution for your outdoor expeditions, our range of freeze-dried 15-day rations is for you. With their compact, lightweight format, easy preparation and high nutrient content, you can safely face the challenges of nature and survive in the most extreme conditions.

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1 x Pasta Bolognese 529 Kcal

1 x Couscous with chicken 620 Kcal


1 x Beef Bourguignon 552 Kcal

1 x Chili con carne 455 Kcal

1 x Beef goulash & rice 564 Kcal

1 x Aligot aveyronnais 580 Kcal

1 x Savoyard Tartiflette 601 Kcal

1 x Chicken Colombo 636 Kcal

1 x Pasta Carbonara 509 Kcal

1 x Chicken Risotto 602 Kcal

1 x Lentils with ham 571 Kcal

1 x Chicken tagine 597 Kcal

1 x Fish & Rice with Hollandaise sauce 636 Kcal

1 x Lentil Dahl with vegetables and pumpkin seeds 540 Kcal

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The premium 15-day freeze-dried survival ration pack is designed for outdoor shipping and long-term emergency situations.

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- Breakfasts

15 x Energy Muesli Breakfast 354 Kcal

- 30 Freeze-dried meals

2 x Bolognese pasta 529 Kcal

2 x Chicken Paella 598 Kcal

2 x Chicken Couscous 620 Kcal

2 x Hash parmentier 435 kcal

2 x Pasta with 3 cheeses 491 kcal

2 x Savoyarde Tartiflette 601 Kcal

2 x Rice with vegetables, vegetarian rice 587 kcal

2 x Pasta beef curry 523 kcal

2 x Beef Bourguignon 552 Kcal

2 x Carbonara pasta 509 Kcal

2 x Fish parmentier 424 kcal

2 x Quinoa 525 kcal

2 x Lentils with ham 571 kcal

2 x Auvergne truffade 555 kcal

2 x Chicken and pasta mushrooms 504 kcal

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