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We live sports !

All different but the same passion for effort

For us, sport is more than just a hobby, it is a life philosophy, a commitment. Our superheroes don't have capes or gadgets but sneakers, dumbbells and backpacks! Like our 3 ranges, each athlete is unique but we all share the same drive: the motivation to rise before the sun, the passion for effort, the desire to surpass ourselves et the strength to never give up.

Our mission: to reveal the full potential of every athletes!

If physical training and strong will are key elements for success, feeding your body with the appropriate nutrition will help you reach your maximum ability. C'est pourquoi nous avons à cœur de vous apporter, jour après jour, l'énergie d'atteindre des objectifs toujours plus ambitieux.


Fun and performance

Reaching your goal is one thing, enjoying the process is another! Our research and developement department has only one goal: bringing more comfort to athletes. Mile after mile, rep after rep, MX3 sports nutrition feed and activate your body to go further and faster! 

MX3 team

For many years now, we've gathered a team of athletes sharing our core values. Triathletes, trailers, sailors, explorers, fitness champions, they're all different but share the same bravery. These elite athletes are frequently joined by other partners that we support on amazing projects. Unprecedented expeditions, crazy climbs, we help every year an increasing number of adventurers to reach their Everest!