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Honey Almond Energy Bar - x 10


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Honey Almond Energy Bar provides energy and vitality for the body. Thanks to its high nutritional value, this honey and almond energy bar satisfies hunger pangs during physical activity and is a source of energy. 

  • 100% amalgamated bar with no lumps
  • Progressive action
  • Perfect snack during exercise

Net weight: 39g



Get ready for an energising pre-race experience with our Passion Fruit flavoured pre-race drink. This unique drink is specially designed to help you maintain your energy levels right up to the start of your race, limiting blood sugar spikes and reducing the effects of stress.

Our special formula is based on the perfect balance of essential nutrients and natural ingredients. The magnesium in our drink contributes to the normal functioning of your nervous system, keeping you calm, focused and ready for the challenge ahead. By adding chamomile extract, we also offer a soothing touch to help you relax and prepare mentally.

One of the key benefits of our pre-race drink is its ability to keep your energy levels steady and consistent. Thanks to isomaltulose, a carbohydrate with a low glycaemic index, you'll avoid unwanted blood sugar spikes, guaranteeing stable, lasting energy throughout your run. So you can concentrate on your performance without worrying about energy fluctuations.

As well as maintaining your energy levels, our pre-race drink is enriched with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E, as well as magnesium. These essential nutrients help reduce fatigue, leaving you feeling revitalised and ready to take on any challenge. With this powerful combination, you'll be able to perform at your best during your run.

Drinking our Passion Fruit flavoured pre-race drink not only gives you physical benefits, it's also an exhilarating taste experience. Let yourself be carried away by the refreshing tropical aroma of passion fruit, which will add an exotic touch to your pre-race ritual.

Get ready for a unique pre-race experience with our Passion Fruit flavoured fruit drink. Give your body the nerve balance, sustained energy and fatigue reduction it needs to excel. Let yourself be transported by the exquisite taste of our drink, and make every moment before the race a moment of pleasure and optimal preparation.

During exercise

Consume before and/or during exercise. Chew slowly in small bites to promote good digestion. Complements the absorption of MX3 energy drinks.

Store away from heat and humidity.

Unity Théoric  /100g %RI** /100g portion /40g %RI** /portion
Average energy values kj 1634 537
kcal 389 19 152 7,6
Average nutritional values
Fat g 12,4 17,7 4,8 6,9
Of which saturated fatty acids g


5,6 0,4 2,2
Carbohydrates g 58,8 22,6 22,9 8,8
Wich sugars g 32,0 35,6 12,5 13,9
Dietary fibre g 6,9 2,3
Proteins g 7,6 15,3 3,0 6,0
Salt g 0,00 0,03 0,00 0,01
Minérals %VNR** /100g %VNR** /portion
Sodium mg 0,8 0,31
Vitamins %VNR** /100g %VNR** /portion
Thiamine (vitamin B1) mg 0,85 77,14 0,33 30,1

** Regulation (EU) N°1169/2011 "Reference intake (RI) for a typical adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)".

The values shown have been obtained from theoretical calculations based on technical data supplied by our suppliers; it is the user's responsibility to check their accuracy.


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