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Long Time Energy Gel

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During an intense effort, body loses minerals salts, energy and vitamins : elements that are essential to muscular function. MX3 long time energy gel provides in just one tube, every nutrients (vitamins E, C, B1, B2 and B6) that your body needs to compensate losses

  • Progressive action
  • Liquid gel
  • Opens and closes easily

How to use long time energy gel on a marathon: on 10km - 20km - 30km.

Flavour: apple-blakcurrant



When on a long time effort, your body loses performance step after step. But you still need to keep up the pace, and the finish line is not anywhere nearby. MX3 long time energy gel supports you throughout the effort. It provides an immediate and progressive energy intake, thanks to its differents carbohydrates ( glucose, maltodextrin, fructose).

It is not acid or overly sweet

Net weight 12 : 25g


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