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24 Hours Survival Ration - 3000 Kcal

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The 24-hour survival ration (3000 kcal) is the richest in energy and calories of our range. Nutritional intake is important and especially necessary in emergency or survival situations. 

For those who wish to be as close as possible to nature in total autonomy, this ration is made for you! 


1 x Freeze-Dried Dish - Bourguignon Beef & Pasta | 140g
1 x Freeze-Dried Dish - Korma Chicken & Rice | 140g
1 x Freeze-Dried Dish - Goulash | 130g
2 x Isotonic Drink | 30g : 1 tea/mango - 1 lemon/green lemon/mint
1 x Energy Bar - Almond | 25g
1 x Energy Bar - Apple/Strawberry | 35g
1 x Pumpkin Soup | 20g
1 x Black Tea | 3g
1 x Coffee | 2g
1 x Cocoa Drink | 20g
1 x Red Fruit Milk Muesli | 100g



MX3 Nutrition has developed the 24-hour survival ration or RIL (Individual freeze-dried ration) of about 3000 calories to survive alone for 24 hours. 

Freeze-dried products, which represent a large part of the energy intake of the ration, are used in particular by great explorers and skippers of long regattas. Light, complete and practical, they are the indispensable provision for survival situations.

Supplier of military rations to the French army and based in the Vendée, MX3 Nutrition makes its know-how available to the consumer, whether you are hardened explorers or budding adventurers. 

The 3000 kcal ration mainly owes its high energy value to the 3 freeze-dried meals that it contains. They have a caloric intake ranging from 555 to 600 kcal each. A bit of hot water to rehydrate it all and enjoy! 

Cold water also rehydrates your dishes but you will need to be a little more patient. Count 10 to 15 minutes to rehydrate your meals with very hot water.

Add energy bars and isotopic drinks, essential supplements to stay in shape throughout your effort. 

Finally, a variety of hot drinks will comfort you during your breaks.

The ration bag is compact and light, so it can be easily stored in your bag! 

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Net Weight Weight After Rehydration Total Kcal  
0,680 kg 3,058 kg 3 004

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