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MX3 Long Distance Triathlon Premium Pack


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MX3 Long Distance Trail Premium Pack, it's the full pack with sports nutrition products specially selected for triathlon, who support you before, during and after effort.

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Triathlon combines three endurance disciplines who submit to an intense effort, varied and long, so MX3 after studies of body energy needs carried out among triathletes, to create the long distance triathlon pack.
This pack contains all the products that your body and muscles need before exercice with an antioxidant energy cake, antioxidant maltodextrin, to drink 3 days before the race, these three products help you to saturate your stocks in glycogen and put you in the best conditions on the day of the event.
The pack also contains sports nutrition products to help you during exercise with an isotonic drink, bars and energy gels and a liquid meal in the bearing losses aim of vitamin, mineral, magnesium, carbohydrates, etc.
Finally included in this pack, a high protein recovery drink for ideal muscle recovery.


MX3 Antioxidant Maltodextrin
Antioxidant Energy Cake  (Breakfast of effort)
1 Pre Race Drink  (Carbohydrates, fructose and hydration before effort)
Long Distance Isotonic Drink (Maximal hydration | During Race)
Antioxidant Energy Gels(Antioxidant | During Race)
Long Time Energy Gels (LTE) (Progressive energy diffuser | During Race)
Fast Energy Gels (Energy booster | During Race)
1 Fruity Énergy Bars (Delicious fruity bar of effort)
2 Amand Energy Bars (For the effort, bar with progressive action)
1 Liquid Meal  (Carbohydrate intake during exercise)
1 Recovery drink (Optimal muscle recovery)
2 600ml Cans 
1 Running belt gels & bib holder


1.5L a day, 3 days before the event

Sport cake

1/4, up to 1/2 cake at breakfast according to exercise duration

Warm up drink

Drink 500ml by small sips till 30mn before departure

Energy drink

Drink small sips regularly during exercise

Energy liquid meal

Drink small sips in addition to energy drink

Energy gels (11)

Prendre en cas de besoin :

-1 Antioxidant at start and then every 2 hours

-1 Long time energy after 1 hour of racing, then every 2 hours

-1 Fast energy during difficult passages

Energy bars (3)

Take a bar by small quantity and chew well

Recovery drink

Drink small sips untill 30mn after exertion

New products design

In an ecological and no-waste initiative, we will keep sending former packaging until they are out of stock. So, don't worry if you get a product with the previous packaging. The product inside is strictly the same !


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