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Category: Based on Rice

Blog Archive

Our freeze-dried chicken risotto will take your taste buds straight to Italy!

  • Creamy recipe
  • Made in France

MX3 Aventure freeze-dried chicken colombo is a tasty recipe inspired by creole cuisine. This freeze-died dish is a tasty mix of chicken pieces, rice, vegetables and spices.

  • A creole dish
  • Made in France

Our freeze-dried tandoori chicken is directly inspired by the traditional indian recipe. It is a tasty mix of chicken pieces, rice, tomatoes and a special mix of indian spices. 

  • Inspired by indian cuisine
  • Made in France

No doubt our MX3 freeze-dried paella will make your mind wander to Spain! You'll find in this freeze-dried dish everything that has forged the success of this traditional spanish dish: generous chicken pieces, aromatic rice and slightly spicy vegetables. Olé !

  • Well-balanced
  • Spicy flavours
  • Made in France

Do you know goulash ? No ? Then it's time to try it! This typical hungarian recipe is a tasty slow cooked dish with beef pieces in a delicate tomato sauce, served with rice and sweet peppers. 

  • Trying it is loving it!
  • A tasty sauce
  • Made in France

Korma chicken is a must of indian cuisine. We adapted this ancestral recipe to make a tasty freeze-dried dish full of different flavours coming from its 9 spices special mix

  • A flavour bomb!
  • Made in France

Freeze-dried fish with hollandaise sauce is a tasty recipe made from cod and rice served in a creamy sauce.

  • For fish enthusiasts
  • Made in France

Chili con carne is a well-known tex-mex speciality. It is a tasty mix of textures and flavours. Our freeze-dried chili con carne is made of minced meat, beans, spices and rice.

  • Tex-mex spicy mix
  • Made in France
  • Very light, only 120g!

On the fish menu, MX3 Aventure offers freeze-dried provençal fish, a tasty dish with tomato sauce and subtil aromatics. Fish enthusiasts will feast on this recipe. Easy and quick to prepare, try it and you will love it!

  • A taste of Provence!
  • Made in France

Tikka Massala chicken offers a taste escape to India. Curry, paprika, garlic and lemon squash are mixed with chicken, rice and vegetables, revealing all their flavours. 

  • Indian flavours
  • Made in France

Freeze-dried sweet and sour chicken is a tasty mix of flavours. This recipe is made from pieces of chicken meat and rice, sweet peppers, and pineapple, spiced up with garlic and chili.

  • Sweet and sour
  • Made in France

Freeze-dried madras pork curry is a freeze-dried dish inspired by indian cuisine. This recipe is a tasty mix of rice, vegetables, pork meat and indian spices.

  • Mix of exotic flavours
  • Made in France