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HMDS Nutrition Pack


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Designed and approved by two dieticians, this HMDS Nutrition Pack is ideal for stage races in the desert. In collaboration with the Half Marathon des Sables and MOS Nutrition, this pack offers food autonomy for 4 days.


The HMDS Nutrition Pack is designed for long distance endurance racing in the extreme desert environment. These races normally consist of 3 days of racing and 1 day of rest. You will find in this pack the nutritional plan to follow during the race to go to the end of this extreme marathon.
Savory Meals:
4 x Freeze Dried Tabbouleh | 310 kcal
1 x Freeze Dried Carbonara Pasta | 509 kcal
1 x Freeze-dried Provençal Pasta | 609 kcal
1 x Freeze Dried Goulash Style Beef | 564 kcal
1 x Freeze Dried Pasta Bolognese | 529 kcal
1 x Freeze Dried Chicken Couscous | 620 kcal
2 x Beef Snack - Herbes de Provence | 91 kcal
2 x Freeze Dried Apple Compote | 151 kcal
1 x Freeze-Dried Apple-Apricot Compote | 153 kcal
2 x Freeze-dried Apple-Banana Compote | 153 kcal
2 x Freeze Dried Chocolate Dessert Cream | 333 kcal
Muesli and Porridge:
1 x Chocolate Muesli | 461 kcal
1 x Blueberry Plum Yogurt Muesli | 354 calories
1 x Porridge Chocolate, pumpkin and sunflower seeds | 447 kcal
Energy gels:
1 x Pomegranate-Guarana XXL Energy Gel
1 x XXL Lemon-Lime Energy Gel
3 x Apple-Cassis Long Time Energy Gel
3 x Red Fruit Antioxidant Energy Gel
Energy bars:
4 x Almond energy bar
4 x Muesli energy bar
MOS Energy Balls:
1 x MOS EnergyBalls Green Tea-Matcha
1 x MOS EnergyBalls Fig-Almond
1 x MOS EnergyBalls Cocoa-Hazelnut
Sports drink:
2 x Lemon, Lime, Mint isotonic drink stick
2 x Mango tea isotonic drink stick
2 x Strawberry Mint Isotonic Drink Stick
Recovery drink:
1 x Chocolate recovery drink
Total caloric value: 10,078 kcal
Net weight: 3210g

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