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Whey Protein 100% Strawberry - 1kg

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MX3 Force & Fit 100% Whey Protein is a protein-based supplement (in powder) that promotes muscle recovery, as well as muscle growth, thanks to very high quality proteins (French whey), all with a flavor and unctuous.

Top value for money!

Made in France

1kg format, i.e. 33 shakers of 300ml.



100% WHEY PROTEIN is a dehydrated high-protein preparation for whey protein drink with sweeteners.

The composition of 100% WHEY PROTEIN has been specially designed to effectively promote lean mass gain, i.e. muscle mass while limiting fat mass gain through its very low fat and sugar intake.

Our production is 100% French, made from rigorously selected ingredients to bring you a quality 100% WHEY PROTEIN.


In bodybuilding, protein is essential, its main utility is to repair damaged muscle fibers during bodybuilding sessions. This in order to better recover and therefore to follow the sessions more easily. You should know that whey is assimilated very quickly by the muscles, which facilitates recovery and slows down muscle catabolism, so the muscle is better fed and experiences better development.

Protein is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body, you find it in your daily diet, but it is difficult to obtain its daily intake by having only 3 meals a day. This is why 100% WHEY PROTEIN powder is the ideal complement: a shaker is easy and quick to take and provides the same intake as you get from food (vegetables, chicken breasts, eggs, etc.) and avoid having 6 meals a day.

Due to the increased protein ration, it is essential to increase your daily water ration (1 L of water for 30 g)

It is advisable not to exceed the indicated doses. Contraindicated in case of renal insufficiency.


It is advisable to consume between 1.5 g and 2 g of whey protein per kg of body weight, if the muscle can not synthesize all proteins and the surplus would be useless because rejected by the body. For a person weighing 75 kg the calculation is as follows: 1.5 x 75 or 2 giving you your much to take either 110 to 150 gr.

As previously said, the powdered whey complements your intake of protein provided that your diet does not cover your daily needs.


It is recommended, according to studies on the needs of athletes to take 3 key moments of the day :

The morning : at breakfast, to bring upon awakening protein to your body (35 gr to 45 gr) and slow muscle catabolism associated with being fasted overnight.

Before training: it is more than an hour after your last meal, to reduce muscle breakdown linked to your session. (35 gr to 45 gr).

After training : for optimal muscle recovery and repair of damaged fibers, pure whey is ideal for up to 30 minutes after exercise (35 gr to 45 gr), it allows stopping catabolism, muscle repair ( state of muscle breakdown linked to an intensive training combined with a lack of protein nutrition, the consequences are: fatigue, muscle aches, etc.).


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