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Freeze-dried meals
Aligot plat lyophilise - MX3 Nutrition Plats lyophilisés MX3


Freeze-dried high-calorie tomme aligot


Crème dessert - MX3 Nutrition Crème dessert - MX3 Nutrition

Source of protein

Freeze-dried chocolate flavour cream


Casquette Verte MX3 Nutrition
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For more than 25 years, MX3 has built a powerful DNA around outdoor sports with a single promise: to optimize physical performance and
cognitive skills of athletes in extreme...

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Products created with ultra sport science

The strength of MX3 ? Total control of the creative process , from formulation to manufacturing of products on its Vendée site in Les Sables d'Olonne . With an internalized R&D unit, the brand relies on experts in nutrition science as well as sports medicine to design premium nutritional solutions , as close as possible to the needs of athletes.

In 2022, a partnership will be created with Ultra Sport Science , a foundation leading research programs on pathologies linked to ultra endurance sports .

USS conducts scientific studies as close as possible to athletes, with the aim of helping them prepare and surpass themselves in complete safety. MX3 and USS then look at the gastrointestinal symptoms encountered during competitions and combine their knowledge in the development of MX3 Endurance , a range of energy and recovery bars and drinks, easily assimilated by the body during a intense effort.