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  • What the sports nutrition ?

    Sports nutrition consists of energy products, designed and used by athletes. These supplements improve nutritional intake during exercise (ex: endurance sport), for the well-being and performance (ex: muscle growth) or for recovery after exercise. The vast majority of sports nutrition products are formulated from natural ingredients such as milk, eggs, protein, fiber, sugars and vegetable starches, vitamins and minerals.

  • A little story…

    Modern sports nutrition appeared in the 1940s Initially, it was to meet the demand of athletes who practice weight training and bodybuilding. Dense nutrients and high nutritional quality allowed to meet their requirements. However, by the 1930s, scientists realized that athletic performance can be improved by increasing the intake of carbohydrates. The first food supplements consisted of sweets, starches and soft drinks. It is interesting to note that sports nutrition already dated back 500 years BC / AD at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Athletes know the energy values by eating massive amounts of meat, bread, dried fruits and honey and various mushrooms and herbs to improve their performance.

  • Preparation powder, bars, drinks and energy gels :

    Energy drinks, Energy bars, Energy gels and proteins constitute the vast majority of sports nutrition supplements. Typical products contain carbohydrates, sodium, BCAA, protein etc ,. Beyond these ingredients, they can include vitamins and minerals.

  • Carbohydrates definition :

    Carbohydrates, they are organic molecules composed of 3 carbon atoms (carbon) H (hydrogen) and O (oxygen), belonging to the family of sugars. The organs and muscles utilize carbohydrates as an energy source (they provide 50% of the energy the body needs to function normally). Can be defined as carbohydrates fuel the body for your body responds to stress that you ask.

  • Sodium’s definition :

    Sodium belongs to the family of the salt. It plays an important role in sports nutrition since it is responsible for the muscle function and physical fitness. If we feel a lack of sodium, this has several implications, the appearance: muscle disturbances, premature fatigue. Sodium loss is felt by sweating we experience during physical activity. Sodium is important for the hydration phase, it allows the intestines to better absorb carbohydrates and water, these nutrients will then be shipped to the bodies and muscles to help them work.